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    About Christian Way

    Christian Way Baptist Church is a small loving congregation with a big heart. We are a family and we worship the Lord in spirit and truth. We serve through our various ministries. Our Church School Ministry is designed to accommodate all ages, as are our many other ministries. We also have an interactive mid-week Bible Study and Prayer Meeting that stimulates the mind and fuels the soul.

    Founded in 1990 and currently pastored by Reverend Augustus "Gus" Henderson since 1995. During his short period as pastor the Lord used Reverend Henderson to expand on his ministry. Our church family has witnessed many Baptisms, and has seen God's people returning to the church and renewing their faith to God through Christian Experience under his leadership. Our First Lady Mrs. Jacqueline Henderson has truly been a blessing and an inspiration to both the men and women of this Church through her biblical knowledge, her teachings and through her faithfulness.

    Each day, we are truly thankful for our church family, the love, the peace and the happiness that abounds throughout because we know, without God first, our Shepard Pastor Henderson for his teachings and his guidance, and our appetite to learn, we will continue to stay in a relationship with an above and beyond God and do all things the "Christ Way, and then there is no doubt that we will do it in the Christian Way."

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    Our Deacones Dobbins is highlighted in the article about the event at Dr. Dintmans Office

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    Sundays Church School
    9:30 AM

    Worship Service
    10:45 AM
    Prayer Meeting 6:15 PM
    Testimony 6:45 PM
    Bible Study 7:00 PM

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    Thursday before 1st SUNDAY

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